Jep 3.1 Released

Interested in a Teradata Python Driver?

Thanks @rdegges - 100 carb habit

Python string formatting

My fab file

Backup GMail

Site ported to Hyde

Added Import hook for Jep

uWSGI init script

No, flash is not relevant

Popping the Higher Education Bubble

LA Open Source Hackathon

Think Quarterly 01 Data

What the naysayers don't get about Cloud Computing

Ceridian automation

uWSGI for fast Django apps

Selecting Time Ranges in Leemba

Setting the gnome-terminal title in bash

Cache invalidation with Django staticgenerator

Make Programming Fun Again

Django caching options

Faster Django with staticgenerator

Django-cms and MPTT

But I thought it was web scale!

Custom Django tags

Blog moved to Django

Pgify: automated sytax conversion to Postgres from MySQL

Django packages

Install TOra with Teradata on Ubuntu

Rewriting CONCAT_WS to Postgres

Must eat... Sleep. Do stuff.

The dangers of open core

Sins of MySQL Syntax

NOOKStudy update

Wordpress leaks memory like it's cool

NOOKStudy: Not so great for studying

End software patents

TOra 2.1.3 with Teradata support

Slicehost upgrade to Lucid

Traffic is a software problem

Death by meeting requests

VMware going for the whole stack

Dilbert, you know me so well

There will be a Nexus Two

Twitter change and why Leemba is awesome

Twitter upgrades?

Update: Leemba on Terracotta

Project Management should go to Boot Camp

I heart Froyo

Dropping the IE6 project

Leemba running on Terracotta

Have an IE6 only application?

Android tablet running Air/Flash

Migrate intranet applications from IE6

Leemba Update

Carpe Diem

Jepp 2.4 - Released

As seen on Twitter

10 years ago

No Windows!

Client-side charting for Leemba

What the hell, Google?

Tools matter

Server Monitoring - Few Winners

Run Terracotta Jobs Across the Cluster

Postgres for the win!

Your days aren't numbered

From the IPhone to Android

Android and Google Apps

Sure, Change Jobs!

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Oracle and Postgres Redux

Oracle prices themselves out

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Docklets in TOra

NoMachine and Netbeans