I've been running around like crazy this week so not a lot has happened on Leemba. But I did get a chance to rework the plotting functions so they don't need the client's clock for display. That's only really important if the server or client time is off by more than a minute or two. Urm, the demo server has ntp installed now. :-)

I've also been showing off Leemba to several people who seemed somewhat supportive. It's always tough to get real feedback because people try not to hurt your feelings, which hampers the whole project. I try to keep the internal monitor visible and then I'll ask for some more feedback through email later on next week.

A lot of time it's helpful to ask targeted questions about specific features, too. "How did you like [blah]" or "What did you think of [blah]" can get a conversation started.

Oh, if you haven't seen it yet, here's the demo site:


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